23 October 2009

Innovative Ways of Teaching Computer Science (Part 2)

Please add to this list if you have any good ideas on innovative ways of teaching Computer Science:
  • Team teaching
  • Turning lectures into labs (given that many students bring their laptops to lectures, why not form groups of students with at least one laptop in the group for some hands on activities?)
  • Treating programming assignments like math homework problems (why do we give only big assignments most of the time?)
  • Play games (use games to engage students, see Thiagi web site)
  • Invention activities
  • Use humor, group activities, field trips
  • Get rid of textbooks or let students learn as much as they can on their own and share (these are two ends of the spectrum)
  • Let students decide what practical problems they are interested in solving with guidance from faculty (e.g. program iPhone, web app, robotics, etc.) and structure the course around them.

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