07 December 2008

Clicker Use in Computer Science Education

There have been a number of reports on the effective use of Clickers (or Classroom Response System, or Student Response System, or Classroom Communication System, or many other names) across different disciplines. The general comments have consistently been:

  • increased attendance
  • greater involvement (especially when good questions are asked)
  • more interactions with instructor
  • more interactions among students (especially when peer discussions are used before or after each clicker question)
  • anonymity increases participation rate
  • students like immediate feedback on their learning

While there are a number of websites related to clicker questions in physics, mathematics, biology, etc., there does not seem to be any for computer science. In any case, I found this website at Vanderbilt particular useful. The Bibliography section contains a number of links to the use of clickers in a number of disciplines, including Computer Science.

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